Where Was God? by Sheila Jackson

Where Was God? by Sheila Jackson

This is the story of a girl with a tortured past who thinks God has forgotten her, abandoned her, or created her solely for the purpose of tormenting her through the abuse of the people He has put in place to care for her.

I read this book in one day because of the mystery/who-done-it tension that kept me turning the pages.

As a debut novelist, Ms. Jackson did a good job of keeping several sub-plots moving. Some were better developed than others. A couple of times, it appeared to me that the author felt rushed to close a loop; those scenes seemed more sophomoric, but I liked her writing style enough as to stick with her. There were also several well-polished scenes, one of which moved me to tears.

A woman who wonders how to reconcile her sordid past in order to move forward with a victorious life in Christ would enjoy this book. A woman who wonders if there are still any good men out there, likewise, would find her faith restored within these pages.

In full disclosure, I received this book as a free read in exchange for my honest review. To see my full log of reviews or to make a purchase, shoot on over to Amazon.

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