Hamstrings so Tight I Could Pluck Them

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Hamstrings so Tight I Could Pluck Them

Wow, what a week. What a grueling, painful week, especially for my hips and hamstrings. But, oh, the rewards that can come from such pain.

As with every other worthwhile pursuit, your health and wellness takes great effort to build but can slip through your fingers before you realize it. At least that’s the way it is for me.

As late as November, I was working out an average of five days a week. My step was light. My breathing was deep. My sleep was restful.

Then I thought I’d give myself a break from working so hard…just through the holiday season, you know? Then just through the Super Bowl. Then just until the sun rose a little earlier. Then just until the weather got warmer. Now just a few months later, I find myself in need of rebuilding all that I’ve lost health-wise. So fast this out-of-shape stage comes on. So fast.

I have to ask myself, what did I think I was giving myself a break from? From feeling great? From being strong? From having a positive outlook? Weird. But I don’t think I’m alone.

The first day of my one-million-step journey, I thought I’d take it easy. Yet I had a walking goal to achieve. Okay, take it slow then. Good compromise. Still the next day, my legs felt like they were laden in armor. My hips ached and throbbed. My hamstrings were so tight, I swear I could have plucked them.

I wanted to rest. But no, I had set this goal and was fool enough to publicize it. So I walked again. Took it slow. All week, this was my routine, and now I have 86,710 steps to show for it. Yea!

One thing I have acquired to help me on my fitness journey is the Polar Loop. This little wonder can be worn around the clock. Even when I’m showering. Even when I’m swimming. If I swim, that is.

The Loop tracks my steps, yes, and the calories I expend. But it also tracks the time I sit throughout the day. The time I’m lying down. I don’t know how, but it tracks my sleep and breaks it down between restful and restless sleep. A new insight for me was that I don’t sleep nearly as much as I thought I did. Hopefully the walking will help with that.

At the beginning of the day, my Loop greets me. Then it tells me how long I need to jog, how long I need to walk, and how long I need to be up and active in order to meet my daily goal. Everything gets synced into my computer and into an online diary. I can record how I’m feeling, track my weight, and check the progress of other Loop wearers throughout the world if I want to.

My hamstrings are still tight. But I’ve noticed that they lengthen as I stretch them and as I apply myself to my daily walking goal.

I bought this device in late April, put it on, and didn’t really pay a lot of attention to it. It was just kind of like another bracelet to me. But since I have this goal, and since I knew you would be counting on me for updates, I began to take the Loop a little more seriously. I’m really enjoying learning more about myself because of it. It’s a reminder to me, to take time for my wellness and to make my health a priority.

I have also been thinking about how cyclical life seems to be. There are going to be times that I’m down, times that I put on a few pounds, and times when I just don’t feel like being so on track. The trick is to know myself well enough, to pay enough attention that I can hold myself accountable between a day’s lapse and a lapse of several months.

So, what about you? Do you have a device that helps you stay alert to your own wellness? Has this post inspired you to take your health more seriously? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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