My readers have hunger pangs. The more they absorb the contents here, the less they can ignore their gnawing appetites. They yearn to make God and His Word real, maybe for the first time in their lives.

This site is dedicated to helping you breathe the aroma of scripture in, through the seasoned experiences of its characters. I want your exposure to be so concrete that it’s you slaying the giant. It’s you drawing water from the well. It’s you looking into the eyes of the Savior.

I will post character biographies, articles, and memoir as well as blog posts that help you:

  • Find commonality with the characters of scripture based on your personality trait
  • Celebrate the strengths of your temperament and your outlook
  • Navigate a life of balance in the midst of a broken and hurting world

This website is the cornerstone of my writing career. I realize the benefits and rewards of engaging and relating with others who have the same life goals as I do, and this website gives us an inviting, comfortable, and warm place to do just that. Relax. Linger. Learn. Enjoy.



  1. Your site is delightful! I just sent in my membership for ACFW Great Lakes Chapter. I’m an ACFW member and co-president of our local Christian writers group in Wisconsin, but I grew up in Michigan. “Notes on Napkins”…that is so me! Blessings and best wishes, Rebecca McLafferty

    • Rebecca, you and I sound like kindred spirits! One of these days we’ll have to get together and reminisce about growing up in Michigan. I still live here and just love it. Also, welcome to ACFW Great Lakes. I’m a fairly new member myself and am looking forward to getting to know everyone. Thanks so much for visiting my site. Come back anytime.

  2. I have been enjoying this blog from a distance – thought I would let you know how much I enjoy it – blessings Anna

    • Thanks much, Tom: So many times with writing, I wonder if I’m just shouting down a black hole. (Can you identify with your work?) I wonder if anyone understands what I’m trying to communicate. Or if they even hear me. It’s comments like these that motivate me to put my hands on the keyboard one more time. Hope you have a great service tomorrow.

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