"Stirring spiritual appetites through characters of scripture."

So real that it’s you slaying the giant, drawing water from the well, and looking into the eyes of the Savior.


Read about some of my work in fiction. My pieces run the gamut, from pieces in the thinking stages to pieces published and awaiting your purchase.

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Here are my five most recent articles, from multiple publications.

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Just getting started in this area! Stay tuned for more information.

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Kick-Back to Reality: 5 Questions that Celebrate Your Place in Life

Imagine you are leisurely enjoying life, taking it one moment at a time. You’re...

Hamstrings so Tight I Could Pluck Them

Wow, what a week. What a grueling, painful week, especially for my hips and hamstrings....

The First of One Million Steps

Ah! My favorite time of year! Michigan really comes alive in late spring/early...

Seeds and Scraps of Hope

Spring’s kind of a hard time of year for me. Surprised? It hasn’t always been that way....

The Spiritual Journey of Essential Oils

My son calls it voodoo magic. I call it health and wellness. I’m a big fan of...

Just Another Day in the Life of a Sinner — Investing in Only Me Work

I blew right through a stop sign the other day. I really have no excuse. We were...